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Our company makes a difference in the Plastic Injection Packaging Sector by marking “Konsa Quality are with its IML-labeled packaging product ranges from 280 ml to 18000 ml. Konsa Plastic INC. manufactures plastic packages of regional and national manufacturers and international manufacturers. In the coming period, Konsa Plastic INC. continues its productive and R & D activities with new machinery investments and new product types in line with customer expectations, by maximizing the product and service quality that will be marked by Konsa Quality, in different categories, production, marketing and sales. KONSA INC. With its young and dynamic staff, the Company continues to follow the developments in the business, economy, trade, sector and category closely with its experienced Board of Directors and with its strategic planning and strategic management approach towards the needs of the market.
Our firm which has been operating in 2007, has been proud of providing service to your valuable companies with years of experience and strong infrastructure. Experienced and professional staff is signing new success every day with its management. The clarity of quality, hygiene and innovation, which are the steps of this solid foundation, is still continuing today. KAYAS PACKAGING which uses friendly raw materials with nature reveals its speciality with its specialized team in design. KAYAS Product Development & R & D team; They create original and aesthetic models with their designer team interacting with the customer.
WELCOME TO TERACUP As the producers of paper cake cups, we give great importance to quality, hygiene, and continuity. We are manufacturing our products as we are creating a masterpiece. Our vi
Ankara Lider Plastik and Ambalaj San. Tic A.S. created in 1995 by Celil Gulec, on the are close of 5000. We product, with ours automatic machines termofors and ours machines of printers, fast food, yogurt containers, yogurt cups and deli meats as a goup. From 2012 to 2015, with our investments, we were being able to expand our closed production area from 5000 to 15000 and this proved our determination to be the leader of the field. Our products for the food sector and the detergent sector like termoform containers, lids, and deli meats, we produce containers with a diameter of 71 mm to 190 mm and with the advanced technology of our machines offset printing we can print 6 coulors. Machinery and technology changing every day on the basis of international standard renew. Ankara Lider Plastik and Ambalaj San. Tic. A.S. for sector of food 0,15 mm from up to 8 mm thick 150 cm with unlimited length in each colors ps, pp, abs,pe sheet products. Our compagnie uses italian techonology fort he sysreme therform in the line. We work whit the leaders in the field of food and detergents. Ankara Lider has a reputation for offreing its customers the lest product quality and trouble free service. While protecting human health and the respect of the environment, we are able to serve on time and under defined conditions. Our principles are to focus on our customers, to improve our quality to a higher level and to maintain this higher level finally to be able to increase our productivity. Unconditional customer satisaction based service understanding, we work whith 58 coutries in 3 continents.
NAMLI Plastic; with is experience and trained staff has been specialized in the plastic packaging industry by continuous improvement since 2010. NAMLI is one of the leading plastic manufacturer in Turkey. NAMLI offers customized packaging design with it’s thermoform packaging and IML injection packaging production; aims the highest level of customer satisfaction with it’s professional team and high quality. To meet the customer demands NAMLI apply the international quality standards without any exception.